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Caparo Artificial Grass Installed at The Plough, Surrey

Caparo artificial grass fitted at the Plough Pub In Dormansland Surrey

Published: 27 February 2020

Since June 25th, the government has implemented numerous measures to ensure safe distancing during the Covid-19 crisis. Many sectors and industries have had to re-shape the way they work in order to keep customers and their teams safe during these unprecedented times.

Costs of outdoor licensing have been reduced, whilst seating licenses have been extended to car parks and terraces to create safer dining and drinking areas.

With no obvious signs of returning to normality, some businesses have made progressive steps towards implementing more longer-term measures, which is where our artificial grass products come in.

One of our local pubs, The Plough Inn, situated in Dormansland contacted us about an outdoor area they were creating. They needed an area that was enclosed, so it could be used in all weathers, whilst ensuring social distancing. The plan was to erect a metal-framed marquee, that backed onto the side of the pub, so that staff can access it easily and safely.
Our artificial grass was then specified, as, once installed, it creates a garden-like environment, whilst being safe, easy to maintain, and stylish.

Once the installation of the artificial grass had been completed, along with the erection of the marquee, they put in new rattan garden sets, sturdy and quality for customers to enjoy drinks and food on.

The artificial grass that they used for their new outdoor area was our ‘Caparo’ artificial grass. Caparo is a superb artificial grass of the highest quality, boasting a 38mm pile height which makes it thick and luscious. Perfect for areas that will have heavy footfall. It has diamond-shaped blades which makes the grass very soft, again creating that lovely, fresh-cut garden grass feel for customers to enjoy.
One of our agents did the installation, meaning the customer did not have to worry about sorting the artificial grass installation, we did that for them.

Despite the negative feeling around lockdown, being able to offer this outdoor space for customers, has meant that this business has been able to offer their custom to customers safely and allow their staff to return to work safely. It also provides a boost to the local area by staying open during these unusual times.

If you are a business looking to create a safe, social space for your teams and customers, please get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements as to how our artificial grass range can help your business.

We have a wide range of quality artificial grasses online, including coloured artificial grass, artificial grass for pets plus other industry-specific ‘fake grass’ products. On our website, we have a dedicated free artificial grass sample page, where you can choose a free sample pack based on your artificial turf requirements.


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