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Fire rated artificial grass for indoor and outdoor projects

Fire rated artificial grass

Published: 08 March 2024

Safety and Aesthetics with Our Fire-Rated Artificial Grass

In today's landscape design and urban planning, safety is as crucial as aesthetics. Recognising this, we're pleased to offer our premium 25mm Protect fire-rated synthetic turf and 30mm Extinguish fire-rated artificial grass products, designed to meet the highest standards of safety without compromising on quality or visual appearance. These cutting-edge solutions cater to both commercial and residential projects, where fire safety is paramount, providing peace of mind alongside lush, green spaces.

Extinguish artificial grassWhy is Fire Rating Important?

The importance of fire-rated artificial grass cannot be overstated, especially in areas prone to dry conditions or in settings where fire safety regulations demand high standards. Our 25mm and 30mm fire-rated products are meticulously tested and certified to CFL-s1, ensuring they slow down the spread of flames, offering critical extra minutes in the event of a fire. This feature makes them an ideal choice for public spaces, educational institutions, and residential areas, ensuring safety is never an afterthought.

Features and Benefits

Our fire-rated artificial grass not only offers superior safety features but also boasts durability, low maintenance, and year-round aesthetic appeal. It's a sustainable alternative to traditional landscaping, eliminating the need for watering, mowing, or chemical treatments. Whether you're crafting a safe play area for children, designing a fire-smart landscape, or installing green spaces in high-risk zones, our products deliver both function and form.

Take Action Towards a Safer, Greener Future

Don't compromise on safety or style. Choose our 25mm Protect artificial grass or 30mm Extinguish fire-rated artificial grass for your next project and invest in a solution that offers peace of mind and pristine greenery all year round.
Contact us today to learn more about our fire-rated options and how we can help make your space both beautiful and safe. Let's create safe and stunning environments together.

Call 01825 729259 or email the team and request samples now.


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