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Missing your Garden in Winter?

Natural looking artificial grass in circle patterns in back garden

Published: 09 March 2021

I’m looking outside the window writing today’s post and all I see is a uniform grey sky, specs of rain on the windows and a look of dull, dreariness outside. It’s times like this that its nice to think ahead for our plans for when the days get longer, the skies are brighter and the air is warmer. Today’s post is all about how artificial grass is brilliant for today’s modern family, and how despite the wet weather outside, we can all look forward to a stunning summer.

You see, artificial grass is this decade’s double glazing. People all over are beginning to realise its benefits and before you know it, we promise you’ll see more and more artificial lawns sprouting up around you (excuse the terrible pun!)

First on the long list of benefits of artificial grass is the lack of mowing. Not only is this saving you both time and effort, it will eradicate the need for a lawn mower. On top of this, artificial grass does not require any watering, fertilizers or pesticides as it says green all year round, due to its high UV resistance. So you can rest assured that you are doing your bit for the environment and doing so in a way that looks amazing. Less time maintaining your lawn, means more time enjoying it!

Fake lawns are great for pet owners too. Its hardwearing and built to last, animals can still enjoy being outside but the worry of bald patches and digging is significantly decreased. Assuming the artificial grass is laid correctly, it is secured in such a way that makes impossible for a dog’s claws to pull it up. Each blade of the pile is stitched in so securely that any animal, big or small, will be unable to tear it to pieces. I know what you’re thinking next, what happens with the… waste. Well, any dog urine simply disappears through the drainage holes, without causing the brown patches of dead lawn you would find with natural lawn. Any other ‘number twos’ can be picked up and removed just like a natural lawn and then washed through using a weak (eco-friendly of course) detergent. Not only does the detergent keep the lawn hygienic, it eliminates nasty odours too – something you certainly can’t do with a natural lawn.

Weeds growing in the garden are never a good thing but with artificial grass, weeds will become a thing of the past. When laying artificial grass, a weed membrane is put down to ensure that nothing can grow through the drainage holes of the Latex backing. Meaning that your artificial grass area will look like a well-kept, manicured lawn all year round.

Artificial grass can be laid onto a hard surface such as concrete or onto a prepared sub base, consisting of a crushed aggregate and blinding of sharp sand. As there is no earth directly below artificial grass which would become mud when it rains, it means that the worry of muddy footprints being traipsed through the house is removed. So there will be no dirty clothing to wash when the kids have been playing outside or any animal footprints to clean up!

I could probably go on all day about the benefits, but really you have to see if for yourself!


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