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NEW! Perfect Turf Edge Pro for artificial lawn installations

Perfect Turf Edge Pro

Published: 24 August 2023

Available soon! Perfect Turf Edge product is specifically designed and produced to give artificial grass fitters a very quick, simple and aesthetically pleasing edge for their grass projects. Perfect Turf Edge is a  patented technology and allows installers to quickly fix turf edge directly onto a compacted base, rough-cut the turf to the desired length, and neatly tuck it into the turf edge profile to provide a flawless finish every time. Not only does Perfect Turf Edge save both time and money on artificial lawn installations, but it also helps to avoid or limit the possibility of roll shrinkage.
Perfect Turf Edge features and benefits
  • Saves time and money 
  • Ideal for easy installation achieving perfect straight lines and curves* where required (*not suitable for very tight curves)
  • Manufactured from high grade structural aluminium
  • Perfect for synthetic lawns borders, resin bound pavement and soft-fall restraint
  • Available in silver, black and rust/brown
  • Available in profile width of 5mm
  • High quality finishes for durability and extended life span
  • Very affordable
Edging detailThe first installation has been completed by Always Green, based in Ashford, Kent, who used Perfect Turf Edge for an installation in Ashford. The project involved Perfectly Green 'Senna' artificial grass and grey sandstone patio slabs. Steve Barton, owner of Always Green, explained that the client was looking for a smart, durable edge to separate the grass from the surrounding slabs.
Steve said "We used Perfect Turf Edge along the two sides which border the patio areas. Typically we would've laid a concrete haunch to edge the lawn, giving us a surface to glue the grass to. The haunch would've taken us around 90minutes to complete but the edging took about 10 minutes to put in! We have used other edging systems on other jobs but none of them have been as easy and quick to fit as Perfect Turf Edge. The connectors also made the preparation of the edging so easy, whereas other products we've used have been extremely awkward and time consuming to connect together"
Corner Edge detailIn line Edge detail
The corner and inline connectors ensure that the lengths of edging are quickly and easily connected for a robust and stable edging detail. Unlike a number of edging systems, Perfect Edge lengths can be put together and laid in place by one person.
Perfect EdgeSpeed and simplicity of installation was one of the key reasons for us at Perfectly Green to incorporate Perfect Turf Edge into our product range. The product works superbly on projects bordering patios and/or paths but also where the artificial grass is bordering a flower/soil bed. You can see from this graphic how simple the product works in this type of installation.


Steve also said "The grass can be pinned down through the base of the edging sections but we decided to glue the grass to the edging. This took no time at all and it has created a great fix, particularly because the edge detail allowed us to 'clip' the grass under the aluminium profile. All in all we see this as an excellent new product which is superb value for money, very quick and easy to use, and finishes the grass off really well!'

Perfect Turf Edge with grass  Perfect Turf Edge
Perfect Turf Edge is ideal for a variety of applications:
  • Artificial lawns
  • Garden borders
  • Asphalt and tarmac paths & driveways
  • Resin-bound pavement edge restraint and borders
  • Playgrounds, child care centres, rooftops, residential and commercial landscapes

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