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Pontoon Company uses Perfect Funky Coloured Grass

Floating pontoon featuring blue and green coloured artificial grass

Published: 27 February 2020

Paddington Central is a multi-use, communal area that enjoys business, leisure and residence all alongside the Grand Union Canal. Businesses thrive alongside restaurants, bars, leisure centres and shops, plus a menagerie of floating eateries along the canal.

Within this environment, there is an overwhelming sense for the promotion of wellness, community and green spaces. A place where those who use it can enjoy during the day, night, at work or at the weekends.

Therefore, when we were approached by the contractor, Floating Pontoon Hire to aid them in creating a relaxation space within Paddington Central as part of a local marketing promotion, we jumped at the chance to be involved. After liaising with the client on the product, they opted for Perfect Fun colours, using a mixture of green and yellow. Our Perfect Fun Artificial Grass is a premium, 2 tones coloured grass standing at 18mm. The result is a beautiful seated area, on a pontoon over the canal, giving users a closer seat to the scenery and activity that frequents the canal daily.

Floating Pontoon Hire is a long-established and well respected UK rental operator of quality modular pontoon systems for docks, walkways and floating work platforms who fabricated and installed the Pontoon from start to finish. It took just four days to complete the project, one to install, then on the second day they installed the subframe for all the wood posts and structure. On the third day, they installed the grass access ramps and final touches.

Once the promotion had finished, it took an additional day to break the pontoon down and remove. Using a small team of two-three people over the four days, making it an effective and efficient installation.

If you have a similar event or exhibition requiring a creative twist, then get in touch with us and we will work with you on bringing your vision to life and aiding with a seamless installation.


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