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Static electricity and artificial grass

Static electricty and artificial grass

Published: 22 August 2023

Static electricity on artificial grass surfaces is not that uncommon, with newer installations most likely to experience the issue. Although static can give an annoying and uncomfortable shock it doesn't represent a serious danger and the problem will diminish and disappear over time even if no action is taken.
Static electricity occurs when electric charges accumulate on an object’s surface. For most people the static shock is nothing more than a nuisance, but for some it can be a cause for concern.
On a synthetic grass surface the normal actions of play and use can cause a electric charge to build up under certain conditions. This is perfectly normal and not a defect of a particular product or installation. The phenomenon occurs most often on newly installed surfaces and the frequency and intensity tends to diminish over time. Static occurrences are unusual on installations of six months old or more.

Corvette football pitch  Artificial grass garden

Installations for playgroundssports and gardens can be affected and when static electricity does occur on a synthetic turf surface it can have several effects. On surfaces with infill’s, the infill may stick to the pile blades of the surface and also to players clothing. Or a static discharge can result in a person feeling a small static shock when they touch something like a post, gate or fence. Annoying but not serious!
What can done done about static?
You can apply a product which is used every day in homes everywhere! Static can be treated by applying a wetting agent or fabric softener to the surface, with a watering can on a small area for example, or a wide area sprayer on a larger area. Ideally the customer should check to make sure that the application will not affect the grass blades but that is very unlikely. This should help to limit the effects of static electricity but remember that it will diminish and disappear over time.
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