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Stubborn pile marks in new artificial grass installations

Curry comb for artificial grass

Published: 26 May 2023

Whether you're a trade fitter or a DIY'er you should always be prepared to pay extra attention to the pile of your artificial grass yarn once you have laid it out. Compressed, misaligned blades are not that common but they can occur, leaving the fitter or garden owner wondering if there is a permanent problem with the grass! Finishing touches make a huge difference to the final outcome! 
The grass pile should always be lifted using a power brush or a petrol powered leaf blower once the installation is completed. However, the grass may have areas where the pile is slightly compressed and misaligned due to many months of being rolled up since manufacture. When this happens it can take some time, warm sunshine, and extra attention to lift and realign the blades. Very often it is wrongly assumed that there is a permanent fault with the grass but invariably it's only a temporary issue. 

Pile marks in artificial grass  Pile marks in artificial grass

The images above show marks that are sometimes evident when the roll is laid out for the first time. In virtually all cases there is no fault or defect with the grass, it just looks different because the blades are compressed/misaligned and being viewed at a different angle to the surrounding blades. Therefore a visual contrast is evident. This contrast will lessen and disappear when the grass 'acclimatises' but you should also consider some simple, effective actions as follows...

What can you do to rectify the roll marks?

  • Recognise that the blades/pile need to acclimatise - this means some time for the sun/warmth to expand the fibres
  • Apply some hot (not boiling) water to the affected blades
  • Manipulate the blades with our grass comb - vigorously brush the pile so the blades are encouraged to lift amd realign to their normal position and direction
  • Apply a power brush to the whole of the lawn again
The grass comb is a superb brush to get into the pile of the grass and manipulate the blades back into their correct position.

Curry comb brush

Compressed artificial grass blades will expand and realign with time, sunshine and actions listed above. Once they have returned to their manufactured state they will remain like that for the lifetime of the lawn. If you're concerned you can always send pictures to your grass supplier and ask for advice.

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