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The Best Time to Lay Artificial Grass

Artificial grass installation in back garden including summer house

Published: 15 February 2022

Artificial grass is a great way to enjoy your garden that little bit more without worrying about upkeep, mowing the lawn, digging up the weeds, and children getting muddy. Not only will it look just like real turf, it will be extremely practical for anyone and everyone. It’s sure to make you the envy of all the neighbours, who will wonder how you manage to keep your lawn so green and tidy.

But when is the best time to lay your artificial lawn?

Well, we can install artificial grass at any time during the year. The cooler months can provide an advantage because the ground is softer and easier to work with. However, cold conditions make it more difficult to 'lift' the pile of the grass and the backing, normally latex, can become stiff and more difficult to work with. Both issues are easily overcome but cold weather installations need to take account of them.

So, most installations take place from March through to October, with the winter months quieter. For some this represents the perfect opportunity to avoid the 'season' and the associated longer lead times! 

Dependant on the size of the area you would like covered in artificial grass, installation can generally take from a few hours to approximately a day or two. However, once it has been placed, you will need to let it rest and settle. Therefore it is always a good idea to get the lawn installed when you know it won’t be in use, for example with children playing on it, or hosting a garden party.

Once it has settled you can enjoy your new artificial lawn for up to twenty years, and the big bonus to this is that you do not need to do anything to it – other than clearing away any debris that accumulates, such as leaves in the autumn, and other very low level maintenance.  

Artificial grass means no more worrying about your lawn becoming a muddy mess in winter and having brown, dry patches in summer, or those pesky weeds sprouting through, making it look less pleasing to the eye. You can now sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of your artificial grass looking exactly like a normal, manicured lawn.

When weather turns wetter, your new lawn will be able to drain away rainwater, just like grass would be able to, leading to less chance of water pooling on the top and becoming unsightly and messy.

The installation

When installing your lawn, preparation is key to providing you with a long lasting, beautifully green artificial lawn. There is the removal of your old turf, ground stabilisation, drainage requirements, applying the membrane and then the artificial lawn itself. By preparing your ground correctly, it will mean your lawn has a stable surface to reside on – and bring you and your family much joy for many years to come.

In fact, installing your new lawn during the winter or spring may work out cheaper for you, with a quicker service provided. Normally during this time you won’t be using your garden as much as you do during the summer months, so it can bed in well. It will be ready and waiting for those long summer days, entertaining the family and friends.
Don’t be the one this summer getting all hot and bothered about caring for your lawn. Sit back and think about getting that perfect, hassle free lawn you’ve always dreamed off by  installing artificial grass.

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