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The Joy of a Low Maintenance Garden

Steps up to synthetic grass garden, retaining wall and shrubs

Published: 04 October 2021

Reports state that sales of artificial grass for gardens are up year-on-year, and it appears that more and more of the UK’s homeowners, and other establishments, are choosing low-maintenance alternatives to natural lawns. There are many reasons for this shift towards artificial grass lawns and here we consider a few of them. The market for artificial grass is getting stronger all the time and it is important for any supplier to be ahead of the game in terms of quality, options, variations, prices and service levels as the public has become more and more discerning about the products they want.

Some of the key reasons that synthetic turf are actually linked to environmental issues - no need to water the lawn, no electricity or fuel required to cut grass, no pesticides. And we strongly recommend a 'bug hotel' for the corner of the garden which provides bugs and creepy crawlies with a nice home as well!

Product Evolution
Artificial grasses are much better now than they were a few short years ago; they’re more authentic and softer to touch – a necessary development away from the terrible artificial grass associated with green grocer shelves! Homeowners can choose from an array of pile heights, blade shapes, colours/shades and textures depending on what they want from their lawn Artificial Grass Products

But it’s not just the aesthetics and feel that have changed; the technology has advanced considerably, too. ‘Spring back’ of the grass blade is key to avoid excessive ‘flattening’ of the grass once installed. Yarn is now available in a variety of blade profile shapes – C, D, S and diamond shapes for example – which has a direct impact on the ‘spring back’ of the pile when walked on. Drainage and durability have drastically improved, as knowledge and experience have increased. Landscaping grasses have also benefited from the experience of sports surface specialists, bringing real technology to the table in terms of manufacture, quality and durability.

Busy Lives
An outside space is good for everyone, and a garden in good condition is like having another room. A recent report suggested that ‘green spaces’ benefit the health of the UK to the tune of £34bn a year! Most don’t have time to give natural grass the attention it needs – anyone who has children or pets will know how quickly it can become damaged – so artificial is a perfect solution for many.

Homeowners are always pleased to find out they can have a perfect artificial lawn with very little maintenance – remember, not zero maintenance but low maintenance! Keen gardeners can still have nice flower beds, but with a lawn that stays flawless all year round. For those not fortunate enough to have a garden artificial grass is perfect for roof gardens, terraces and balconies particularly when used with innovative new product Perfect Base .

Envirofill is a superb new product for dog owners who wish to install an artificial lawn – a granular material, coated with Microban tehcnology, which is brushed into the grass to protect against smells, bacteria, mold and mildew, protecting the whole family.

Artificial grass can be seen in many applications now, not only in gardens, but also in public spaces, in workplaces, schools, nurseries, bars and restaurants. Events and exhibition companies are also regular users of artificial grass. It’s popular because it is so versatile and affordable. For homeowners with sports mad kids it’s increasingly common to lay some landscaping grass in the general area with a separate sports/play surface for balls games like football

The Future
The use of artificial grass will only go from strength to strength, with new and innovative products coming on stream on a regular basis – for example we are currently looking to introduce a range of artificial grasses with a new form of backing rather than latex, removing the concerns that some have about the ‘recycling’ issue.

The benefits of an artificial grass are established with many who experience them never going back to natural turf. Correct planning and installation are crucial so always be sure to work with an experienced supplier or fitter.

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