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What To Look For In Your Artificial Grass Supplier

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Published: 17 August 2022

Company History

Supplier experience, knowledge and expertise will nearly always provide you with peace of mind when purchasing a product. Has the supplier got a track record of great products, prices and delivery? Have they been established as a recognised supplier for some time? Do they have good reviews and testimonials? The importance of these issues are obvious but can't be overstated.

Product and Pricing

Make sure that you have a range of options, offering different technical specifications and prices. You should be able to consider a variety of products which can meet your preferences in terms of price, look, feel, use, and so on.

Quality, Weight and Density

Early artificial grass products lacked innovation. They were sparse, spikey, lightweight and devoid of any real visual authenticity. Today you can select a synthetic lawn which is full of great features, soft yet resilient materials, varying blade shapes for excellent 'springback' and increased weight/density. The combined effect of innovation is simply to provide a low maintenance artificial grass garden which is affordable, great to look at and long lasting. Take some time to understand the technical merits of your suppliers grasses, as there are still outdated products on the market!

Bodiam Artificial Grass in garden  Close up of synthetic turf lawn


Where a project requires two, or more, rolls to be joined it is absolutely critical that the grass is supplied from the same 'batch'. Rolls from different batches will likely show a colour or tone variation making it impossible to create a consistent looking lawn. Good, knowledgeable and reputable suppliers will only ever supply batched matched rolls for a project requiring multiple rolls.


Decitex (dtex) is the metric unit which defines the weight of the yarn over a 10,000m length. It is a good indicator and measurement for defining strength, so the higher the dtex value the stronger the filament itself is. What dtex turf do you need? It depends on the application. For homes and gardens a lower dtex is fine as synthetic lawns use tend to be limited to normal garden activity. High dtex values are important for artificial grass installations for sports or games applications, for example, as these require higher resilience and are subjected to greater wear and tear. So, for home and garden projects the dtex value is less important although some customers may regard it as a valid consideration. It's worth remembering that grasses with a higher dtex may feel slightly 'stiffer' as the higher value requires the product to be denser/thicker.

Basically, the dtex value becomes more important if your artificial grass project is going to be subjected to lots of activity, footfall, games and sports. At Perfectly Green we have specialist grass products for high use projects, such as Leisure Colours, Tough Colours and Perfect 3G.

Dtex values for the Perfectly Green home and garden landscaping range:

 Grass NamePolyethylene and Polypropylene Fibre dtex Values
Huracan5300 PE, 3100 PP
Corvette8800 PE, 3300 PP
Diablo5300 PE, 3100 PP
Odyssey4000 PE, 2200 PP
Raptor4400 PE, 3100 PP
Acadia8800 PE, 3200 PP
Magnum10800 PE, 4800 PP
Senna4500 PE, 3200 PP
Gladiator11830 PE, 6370 PP
Blitz4400 PE, 3300 PP
Mulsanne7200 PE, 3300 PP
Soul6800 PE, 3200 PP

Artificial Grass installation in back garden  Close up of Blitz synthetic turf

Environmental Objectives

We know that artificial grass is not for everyone but... it is sometimes used as an option to concrete, decking, patio slabs or other artificial/manufactured surfaces. It may also be selected by homeowners who have lawns unable to be maintained due to 1) lack of sunlight, 2) presence of lawn pests such as Leatherjackets, or 3) old age/disability for example. Artificial grass is used as a safety surface for playgrounds, enabling children to remain active throughout the year even through winter. Artificial grass is also used to create ‘green spaces’ on roof gardens, balconies, terraces events and exhibitions. So there are many good reasons why synthetic turf is a valid option but it's also fair to say that responsible suppliers are now looking to provide products which factor into environmental objectives. That why we, at Perfectly Green, are introducing recyclable options and will continue to do so.

Delivery Charges

'Free delivery' rarely means that! It normally means that the cost of the delivery has been added to the product price. So, in some cases it means that an inferior product is being inflated in price so that the delivery can be offered as 'free'. At PG we prefer to be transparent and we separate our delivery and product prices. Our delivery prices are always kept as low as possible as we run our own vehicles for reliability and control of costs.

Stock and Reliability

Make sure your supplier is stocking it's products and can be delivered in good time, normally 2-4 days from order. There is little more frustrating that taking time to consider and select the perfect product, only to be told it is not in stock and will take 4 weeks to arrive! No business can guarantee immediate delivery on every product at all times, but a well organised business will get near most of the time. And a really good business will inform customers, especially trade customers, of stock position on a regular basis.

Perfectly Green Delivery Vehicle  Stock of artificial grass in warehouse

Online Service or Dedicate Customer Service

An attentive company will provide options for customers sales and service - online or person to person. Not everyone likes to purchase on line, they want to be able to discuss their project and choices. Make sure you can speak to someone if that's your preference.

Trade or consumer, there are plenty of factors to take into account when selecting your artificial grass supplier.

Perfectly Green has been established since 2007, with a reputation for excellent quality products, competitive prices and superb service levels.
For information call 01825 729259 or email us.


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