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Artificial grass for Balconies and Terraces

Balcony area with artificial grass surface and glass barrier panels
Roof area with green artificial grass
Walk way outside house with synthetic turf

Balconies and terraces are an ideal location to use synthetic turf. We all know that a 'green space' is a relaxing place to spend time so using a lush, dense and soft landscaping grass can revitalise and enhance these areas. The pictures are a superb installation carried out by EGM Landscapes based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

Another great option is to brighten the balcony or terrace area using coloured grass which tends to be a shorter pile height. Perfect Funky offers a 24mm option with 12 colour options, Tough Colours a coarse 10mm option with 5 colours and Leisure Colours a soft 10mm range with 9 colours. 

We recommend using the 10mm Play Pad when installing artificial grass on balconies and terraces as this will take up any unevenness and assist drainage from the underside of the grass.

Note: you should be careful when installing artificial grass directly adjacent to glass, windows or reflective surfaces as reflected sun may scorch or burn the grass.

Popular artificial grass for balconies and terraces

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2024 Perfectly Green Product Brochure

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