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Artificial grass for patios and decking

Garden with raised planters and fake grass and decking
Decking area covered with Perfect Funky brown artificial grass
Warm and sunny garden with patio areas and artificial grass lawn

Brighten up your patio or decking by laying Perfectly Green artificial grass, creating a unique garden to enjoy all year round. Adding an artificial grass lawn to your patio or decking can create great visual appeal in a modern space. Perfectly Green offers a wide range of artificial grass to cater for all tastes and budgets.

Liven up patios or courtyards of dull concrete and paving slabs with lush, green artificial grass. Laying synthetic grass can make your space look bigger as brighter colours reflect more light. Our artificial grass drains water through it and dries quickly, meaning there will be no standing water after it has been raining. Artificial grass on your patio or decking can open up opportunities for using your garden in a different way. We recommend laying our 10mm foam pad below the grass as this will help to level off any uneven areas of a patio or fill any gaps between boards on a decking area. The foam pad can simple be trimmed to suit the area and glued down using Perfect Glue. The grass is then trimmed in the same way and glued onto the foam pad. 

Give your tired decking a new lease of life and prevent further weathering. Artificial grass requires less maintenance than decking, so there will be no more painting required. This means that you can spend more time enjoying your garden. Unlike decking, an artificial lawn is not slippery when wet, providing a safer environment to enjoy in all weather. Just what you need when there are children running around enjoying the outdoors!

Best synthetic turf for patios and decking

Perfectly Green 2024 brochure

2024 Perfectly Green Product Brochure

High quality artificial grass for:

  • Landscaping, homes, gardens, urban, and commercial
  • Putting greens, sports, schools, and playgrounds
  • Events, exhibitions, and hospitality
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