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Artificial grass and safety surfaces for playgrounds

Aerial view of play ground with artificial grass and play equipment
Play equipment and area finished with synthetic safety surface
Climbing play area with safety flooring and artificial grass

Company review from PlayspacesSchool playgrounds are heavily used areas that have to withstand children running around and playing for many years, which is why many have a tarmac surface. If there are grassed areas surrounding schools they can become very muddy very quickly, resulting in them being made out of bounds to children with the exception of dry, summer days. Artificial grass is an alternative playground surface that is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance; occasional brushing is all that is needed.

Fake grass has improved by leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Many people still think of a harsh Astroturf-like material when they imagine synthetic turf. Nowadays, artificial grass looks pretty life-like and it provides a non-abrasive, soft and cushioned surface; no more scraped knees! Perfectly Green synthetic grass is critical fall height certified up to 3 meters, which is achieved with the use of our Safety Play Pad System underneath the grass. This makes the grass ideal for use under play equipment, such as swings and jungle gyms. When using the grass as a safety surface, it’s important to have annual inspections.

Artificial grass can be used all year round. The weatherproof surface allows water to drain through, reducing puddles and allowing the grass to dry quickly. Replacing natural grass with plastic grass means that there is no need to prevent children from playing on the grass during the winter. There will be no more mud and mess, resulting in cleaner classrooms and happy parents who don’t have to keep washing those dirty uniforms! Using synthetic grass to replace tarmac results in fewer impact injuries and is more aesthetically pleasing.

As well as our range of turfs for landscaping, the Perfectly Green Playtime range of colourful artificial grass shapes and drawings provides a fun and safe environment for kids to play on. From snakes and hopscotch, to squares and triangles, the Playtime range is reminiscent of the chalk drawings of old, with a modern attractive twist!

Perfectly Green has a great assortment of artificial grass on offer. Our natural coloured grass is available in a range of pile heights to suit your school’s requirements and budget. We also have the Perfect Funky 24mm Coloured Artificial Grass range that can be used to add an exciting splash of colour and create a lively play environment. The different colours could be used to create zoned play areas, for example ball games to be played in the red zone. You can also design a fun space with different shapes, such as a blue ‘splash’ at the bottom of the slide.

Artificial grass is supplied in rolls, just like carpet. Our professional installation team will cut the grass to the perfect shape and size and ensure that seams are safely joined and edges secured to prevent tripping. Order a free sample pack today to see what our artificial grass is like in real life.

Artificial grass surfaces for playgounds

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