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Duraplay 4G non-infill multi sports surface

Perfectly Green Duraplay 4G artificial grass is made of texturised polyethelene monofilament and straight polyethelene fibrillated yarn. Duraplay is availabale in 24mm or 32mm pile height and needs no infill, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Duraplay for football and multi-sports projects

Duraplay is modern and innovative 4G surface which is ideal for football and multi-sports projects. The make up of the surface means that no infill material is required, making installation and subsequent maintence easy and cost effective. Duraplay provides a fantastic surface to ensure a great playing area and amazing player experience. 

Duraplay outdoor pitch  Duraplay installation

QualityDuraplay is very strong and resilient, with extra attention paid to high quality pile anchoring. This ensures that your multi-sports surface will perform and look fantastic for many years
Pile heightDuraplay is available in 24mm or 32mm pile height
User experienceDuraplay offers a fantastic playing surface, with less risk of injury or skin abrasion
InfillDuraplay is a non-infilled playing surface, requiring no sand or rubber crumb
InstallationSimple to install, white lines can be cut into the surface or applied using line marking paint
MaintenanceDuraplay is very low maintenance due to the absence of infill materials

 Duraplay sports surface


Outstanding features of Perfectly Green Duraplay
  • Made from strong and very durable polyethelene fibrillated straight yarn and texturized polyethelene monofilament yarn, which gives a perfect balance of wear, resilience, softness and coverage
  • Less skin abrasion
  • Good ball roll and bounce
  • Strong anchorage of the yarn due to the combination of fibrillated and monofilament yarn and the double (with fleece) stabilized primary backing
  • As a result of the thatch zone, the polyethelene fibrillated yarn hasvery high resilience
  • Great grip for small studs
  • No sand or rubber infill, which results in lower maintenance and reduction of smell
  • Great visibility of lines
  • Easy to install and remove
Specific pitch sizes and standard rolls

If the pitch area is 500sqm or more we can produce a custom pitch to suit your dimensions. The lead time for this is 4-6 weeks and subject to a deposit payment before manufacture can commence. Or we can supply stock rolls which are 4m wide (or 4.01m wide with 10cm of white line material) by 25m long. Lead time for stock rolls is around 2 to 3 weeks. Although white line material is available, and can be cut into the surface during installation, Duraplay can also be finished with white line marking paint if preferred.

Duraplay warranty

Yes, Duraplay is covered by a 7 year warranty. The product is manufactured from the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing techniques in the production of artificial grass. Duraplay is tested according to EN13501-1

For more information, samples and prices call 01825 729259 or email us.

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