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Real Hybrid - natural and artificial grass pitch

Real Hybrid profile and backing
Real Hybrid backing

    Why Real Hybrid?

    Real Hybrid

    Real Hybrid installationReal Hybrid reinforces natural grass playability properties combined with the durability of synthetic turf.

    The synthetic turf fibres help stabilise and protect the natural grass, helping to reduce playing damage and divots. This premium system is easy to install and maintain for small or full field installations or to reinforce target areas with high wear. 

    High tuft lock and dimensional stability provided by woven technology secures yarn in place. Woven backing facilitates strong root integration for soil compaction prevention

    Provides strong support for both the synthetic and natural grass system designed to be 100% recyclable.

     Real Hybrid is simple to install using typical natural pitch construction equipment and local installation specialists.

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    Real Hybrid specification

    Surface descriptionHybrid - natural and artificial grass
    Pile height50mm (60mm available)
    Stock item or special orderBoth - stock rolls are 4m x 70m long
    Minimum pitch sizeNA
    Line colours availableNA
    Lead timeProduction lead time is around 3-4 weeks
    Suitable foorwearNormal sports footwear
    Backing materialInterlocked woven backing
    Infill requirementSoil and seeds
    Play pad requirementNA
    Suitable activitiesMulti sports and playgrounds
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    Real Hybrid installations

    Real Hybrid Installation
    Real Hybrid
    Real Hybrid Installation
    Real Hybrid
    Real Hybrid Installation
    Real Hybrid
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    Installation guidance

    Small pitches and targeted high wear areas

    Real Hybrid reinforces natural grass by weaving artificial grass fibres into a ground cloth with an open membrane. This weaving process ensures better anchoring and more resilience of the fibres. The microclimate promotes the root growth of the natural grass blades. As a result, the grass grows faster during the installation phase and has a good recovery capacity during periods of intensive use.

    The open membrane also makes it possible to maintain the field in a normal way (as with natural grass). It is possible to aerate and overseed the grass annually using standard processes and machinery.

    Step 1Real Hybrid is typically installed on top of a minimum of 100-125mm (4-5”) of root zone, growing medium, and native soil. It is then top dressed with approximately 25-30mm (1-1¼”) of the growing medium and seeded with a sports grass mixture dependent upon site conditions and professional opinion of the grounds staff.
    Step 2Real Hybrid should be rolled out and can be temporarily pegged to keep the rolls in place while the system is brushed and filled. It is loose laid so no glue or tape is necessary.
    Step 3A power brush should be used to stand the synthetic fibres up, while working in the infill and top dressing the system. It can also be used to level the root zone layer after heavy use of the field.
    Step 4Installation practices will vary based on the native conditions and best practices must be determined by the installer, specifically with regards to the preferred grass cultivars and soil composition.
    Step 5
    Installation of a high wear area should take into account the surrounding natural surface. During the design process, the grounds person will determine what height at which they will maintain the sward and the Real Hybrid will then be installed and infilled to match that predetermined height.

    Large/Full sized pitch

    These projects require further consideration, planning, and discussion. Please contact us.

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    Care and maintenance

    Real Hybrid

    This care and maintenance info sets out basic requirements for your new artificial grass sports or games surface. It is important to ensure the guidelines are followed, so to ensure you get the most enjoyment from the surface, that the lifetime and performance of the surface is maximised. Synthetic turf systems are not maintenance free, they are low maintenance.

    Step 1Maintenance practices will be similar to that of a standard natural grass field
    Step 2Excessive sand topdressing should be avoided due to the burying effects of sand.
    Step 3Control of organic matter, particularly thatch, on the surface is important. This can be done using standard verti-cutting machinery.
    Step 4Aeration of the Real Hybrid system should be done using solid pencil tines (approximately 3/16” in diameter and spaced no closer than 2 1/8” side to side spacing)
    Step 5Coring and slicing tines should be strictly avoided due to the damage those tines can cause to the backing of the Real Hybrid system.
    Step 6We recommend that the Real Hybrid owner start to aerates the system at a depth of 75-100mm (3-4”) until the root system has been sufficiently established to handle deeper depths.
    Step 7It is important to set the mowing blade height safely above the artificial fibres to avoid damaging them.

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    Products for Real Hybrid artificial grass installations

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