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Artificial grass makes dog kennel more inviting for residents and visitors alike

Posted on: 18th March, 2015

“We chose Perfectly Green to supply artificial grass for our unique dog play area project at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, not only for the quality of materials and technical advice but also because they are a local company. The installation was carried out with precision and speed so that the final product looks stunning. The days of cold, wet concrete have gone and we now have happy staff and very happy dogs!”

(Nigel, Raystede Animal Welfare Centre)

Perfectly Green recently installed 890 square metres of artificial turf at the Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Sussex. It is the first dog kennel to have artificial turf installed on such a large scale.
This is not the first time that artificial grass has been used at a dog kennel, but past experiments with the material were only on a small-scale and the turf was only installed in the runs for pregnant dogs. After all, artificial grass gives ‘mothers-to-be’ much more comfort and warmth than a cold concrete floor.

The Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare fitted its entire kennel with artificial turf. The two main reasons were to offer the dogs more comfort and to give the dog kennel a more pleasant appearance. Concrete is not only cold to the touch, but also gives a cold and hard impression. Artificial turf, on the other hand, has a very natural look. And an artificial turf surface gives the dog kennel a more appealing look & feel.

An additional reason that isn’t apparent until after the grass is installed, is the easy maintenance of artificial turf. When nature calls, the urine simply disappears into the sandy bed surface and solid waste can easily be cleaned up. This keeps the kennel hygienic and looking clean.

After looking into all possible options, the kennel ultimately choose a product consisting of durable fibres. Due to its stable and wear-resistant nature, this product is used often on tennis courts and golf courses. The staff and its animals of the kennel are extremely pleased with the choice!

Raystead kennels artifical grass 02 Raystead kennels artifical grass 03 Raystead kennels artifical grass 04


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