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Best Artificial Grass Installs in Schools no.4

Posted on: 18th January, 2013

Artificial grass for play area

Artificial grass for play area

Back when I were a lad (I dont like being old enough to say that) the school playground was nothing more than a bit of poorly maintained tarmac with strong metal fence. Come to think of it, cage would have been a more apt description and I’m still carrying the scars on my knees from the sandpaper-esque surface. Granted, slide tackles and rugby weren’t the best ideas for play time, but we were kids! So, when we at Perfectly Green get to work alongside schools such as Red Oaks in Swindon its not without an element of jealousy when we see the results!

Red Oaks is number 4 on our top school jobs of 2012 because of the end results. Its very gratifying to create an outdoor area like the one you see in the pictures below and know that the students are going to be better off for it. From a technical point of view, Red Oaks chose our Cambridgeshire turf due to its softness and excellent natural look. You can see how well the grass blended with the surroundings and complemented the wooden climbing frame and trimming to the garden edges. Prior to the work, the entire area was concrete and we’re sure you’ll agree that the end result looks more like a back garden than a playground!

Key to this job was also working with shockpads to ensure child safety. As you may know, all of the artificial grass at Perfectly Green can be used with certified shock pads to achieve a critical fall height required in school yards. To keep cost sensible, naturally we only installed this around the climbing frame itself according to the legal requirements, however you notice that despite having the shockpads underneath it, the grass here blends naturally with the rest of the area.

Red Oaks Primary-04 certified shock pads being installed for play area


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