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Artificial grass rolls at clearance priceArtificial grass offcuts

Ideal for your garden, balcony, terrace, office, and more

Current availability. Call 01825 729259 or email to order. 

Price subject to delivery and vat. First come, first served. Cannot be used against existing order. Thank you. 

  • Please be sure to order an offcut which is a minimum 300mm longer than your requirement
  • Offer rolls are wrapped and ready to be dispatched
  • Offer rolls cannot always be batch matched on all orders 
  • Samples are not available for offer rolls
Don't delay, these rolls will go quickly! 
Product and roll number Pile height mmRoll sizeUsual selling price Clearance price
 Plus delivery and vatPlus delivery and vat
230630-HU195430mm4m x 5m£299£139
230630-HU195330mm4m x 5m£299£139
4m x 5m
4m x 5m
4m x 5m
4m x 5m
4m x 5m
Corvette  Plus delivery and vat
Plus delivery and vat
230317-CV217330mm2m x 3.5m£188.65£48.65
2m x 3.6m£122.04£50.04
Acadia  Plus delivery and vat
Plus delivery and vat
1174-ACA2035mm2m x 5.8m£301.20£148.02
Viper  Plus delivery and vat
Plus delivery and vat
1068-VI65535mm4m x 3m£323.40£107.40
1107-VI74535mm4m 3.6m£388.08£128.88
9979-VI36535mm4m x 4.6m£495.88£170.22
1081-VI75635mm2m x 5.4m£291.06£96.66
9752-VI40435mm2m x 5.5m£296.45£98.45
9979-VI35335mm 2m x 6.6m£355.74£118.14
1040-VI154935mm 2m x 3m£161.70£53.70
Valley  Plus delivery and vat
Plus delivery and vat
3811-VA00830mm4m x 3.7m£295.26£105.85
Senna Plus  Plus delivery and vat
Plus delivery and vat
3811-SP34638mm 4m x 3.5m£391.30£154.00
3811-SP26338mm4m x 4m£447.20£176.00
3812-SP48938mm4m x 3.6m£388.08£155.66
3812-SP55138mm2m x 3.4m£190.06£74.80
3812-SP54938mm2m x 3.4m£190.06£74.80
Plus delivery and vat
Plus delivery and vat
0466-RA40940mm 4m x 3m£347.40£131.40
0450-RA34940mm4m x 3.6m£416.88£157.68
0414-RA23340mm 4m x 3.2m£370.56£140.16
0423-RA28040mm4m x 3.5m£377.30£154.86
0418-RA30840mm4m x 3.4m£366.52£150.06
0423-RA36540mm 2m x 4.9m£283.72£107.31
0450-RA36740mm 2m x 4.9m£283.72£107.31
0451-RA36940mm2m x 4.7m£272.13£102.93
4023-RA16440mm 2m x 4.1m£237.39£89.79
Odyssey  Plus delivery and vat
Plus delivery and vat
Out of stock38mm   
Magnum Plus delivery and vat
Plus delivery and vat
1107-MA114838mm4m x 3.7m£384.06£158.80
210127-MA71738mm4m x 3.2m£374.06£148.45
38mm4m x 4.3m£497.94£171.14
8585-MA691A38mm2m x 4.9m£254.31£106.50
1016-MA64038mm2m x 4.7m£243.93£103.71
1016-MA69738mm2m x 3m£155.70£65.70
1090-MA110338mm 2m x 3.1m£160.89£67.89
1188-MA132938mm2m x 3.3m£171.27£72.27
119425-MA134538mm2m x 3m£155.70£65.70
123-MA1234A38mm 2m x 3.5m£181.65£76.65
8585-MA691A38mm2m x 4.9m£254.31£107.31
Diablo  Plus delivery and vat
Plus delivery and vat
2022-DB116235mm2m x 4.4m£175.56£69.96
2022-DB116335mm2m x 6m £239.40£95.40
220510-DB96435mm2m x 4.5m£179.55£71.55
220510-DB96635mm2m x 4.5m£179.55£71.55
220525-DB86635mm2m x 3.4m£135.66£54.06


Subject to delivery and vat. More artificial grass offcuts and remnants

Call 01825 729259 or order. 

Offcuts are roll ends, old stock, or rolls with slight imperfections. We cannot take back offcuts once purchased and delivered. Please always select an offcut which is 300mm longer than your actual site requirements. 


Accessories for artificial grass installations

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2024 Perfectly Green Product Brochure

High quality artificial grass for:

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  • Putting greens, sports, schools, and playgrounds
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