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Garden Preparation

Garden play area for children with grey artificial grass as safety flooring
Play area with climbing frame and artificial grass safety surface
Synthetic turf in large back garden
Whether you are installing your new artificial lawn yourself, or are taking advantage of our installation service, there is some preparation that needs to be done beforehand. Installing artificial grass is straightforward, but there are a few steps to take to make sure that when it’s time for installation it will be as quick and painless as possible.

Make your measurements

Before you order your synthetic turf, the first thing to do is work out how much grass you need in square meters. Our plastic turf is supplied in 2m, 4m and 5m wide rolls and any length up to 25 metres, cut to the nearest half metre. Depending on the size and shape of your garden you may need to order extra artificial grass to cover any unusual sections.

It is best to use as many large single segments as you can, and consider how you will want to lay the turf to achieve the best finish. It’s advisable to minimise joins, and to lay the grass in the same direction for the most natural look.

Trim the lawn

When your grass is on its way you need to prepare your garden for the artificial grass installation. If you have natural grass already, this will be removed during the installation process, but to make things easier, cut back any long grass.

Tidy the area

We provide artificial grass in a huge number of locations, from kennels, to playgrounds, to sports centres, so there are few surprises when it comes to installation. To make things even easier, clean the area of any toys, rubbish, rocks etc beforehand. If you want to move any plants or flowers this is also beneficial.
Clip back any overgrown bushes giving good access all areas of the garden where your new fake grass will be installed. This will mean that when it comes to installing your new artificial grass, installation will be swifter and will be more straight forward.

Plan around other features

If you are planning to install other features to your garden, i.e sheds or play areas, feel free to pre-install these as the the turf will be laid around these objects. If you’re making changes to your garden’s landscaping, for example adding or moving water features, patios, paths, etc, all this should be completed prior to your artificial turf being installed.

Important note

When planning your artificial grass garden always bear in mind that hot sunlight, reflected and amplified by windows, mirrors and other reflective surfaces, may cause artificial grass to melt or be scorched. Avoid installing artificial grass too close to surfaces which may cause damage. 

Need any extra help?

If you need any more help or guidance on your artificial grass installation, then contact a member of our team at Tel Trade Enquiries – 01825 729259
Tel Home Enquiries – 01825 729389

Follow these few steps before our team arrive and you can expect a speedy artificial grass installation in no time at all. Our artificial grass is made using advanced, modern methods and to a high standard, so you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that you can enjoy it for a long time to come.
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