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How much artificial grass do you need for your project?

Posted on: 21st March, 2017

So you’ve decided to install artificial grass – that’s great! No more trying to squeeze the mowing and weeding into your busy lifestyle. Now you can enjoy your lawn year round, without worrying about the dog walking mud into the house during the winter. No more grass stains on your children’s clothes when they are out playing in the garden. Instead, you’ll have a perfect manicured lawn for you to enjoy, and all your neighbours to be envious about.


But how do you work out how much artificial grass you will need for your lawn?


Well, it isn’t as hard as you may think. In fact, all you will need is a tape measure, grid or plain paper, pencil and a calculator, to get going.


First, you will have to think about working out how to best cover your garden. Artificial grass is normally laid alongside one another in strips, all in the same direction, so don’t forget this when measuring.


Secondly, it’s best to know the measurement of the cut of artificial lawn when it arrives. How wide will it be? How long will it be? Etc. Here at Perfectly Green, our artificial lawns are sold in metre2.


Next, take your tape measure and measure the width and length of the area where you would like your new lawn to be laid. For rectangle or square gardens, you’ll then need to multiply the two together. This will give you the required measurement in metres2. For example 3 metres x 3.5 metres = 10.5 metres2.


For a round garden, this will need to be done too. Measure the width and length of your round area and then multiply the two numbers like before. Also remember that most artificial grass is sold in rectangular strips.


Perhaps your garden is of an unusual shape, and you may think that it will be trickier to get the right measurement – but actually it doesn’t have to be. With these types of gardens, it will work out easier to segment the area into smaller manageable sections, and then to add them all together. Take the width and length measurements of each section and multiply these to get your overall metre2 measurement.


For example:


1st section 2 metres x 2metres = 4 metres2

2nd section 2 metres x 3 metres = 6 metres2

3rd section 3 metres x 3 metres = 9 metres2


Add these together: 4 metres2 + 6 metres2 + 9 metres2 = 19 metres2. This is the total that you’ll require for your garden.


We would recommended to add between five and ten centimetres onto your final measurements, so you have some extra lawn to play with should anything go wrong. This also offers a little extra for your joins, when you install your artificial grass.


Then all that’s left to do once installation is complete is to sit back, relax and admire your perfect artificial lawn. If you are unsure about your measurement or would like further advice on measuring for an artificial lawn, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly and helpful team.


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