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Artificial Grass & Critical Fall Height Protection

Published: 20 June 2022

We spend a lot of time and effort when selecting and producing our artificial grass products. It's why we're recognised as one of the top synthetic grass suppliers in the UK, having built a very strong reputation over 15 years.

We pay particular attention to the look and feel of the grass, variation of densities and so on, so that each customer can select their ideal grass. 

Artificial grass is popular surface for playground projects, as it provides a visually appealing and safe surface for children to play on. The safety element is particularly relevant when climbing or high play equipment is installed on the grass. The prospect of a child falling from high level play equipment is high so we always recommend fitting shock pads below the grass in the area around this type of equipment. We supply 25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 60mm and 80mm shock pads which offer accredited Critical Fall Height protection from around 1.1m to 3m. Three of our grass products - Huracan, Diablo and Corvette - are fully tested and accredited for CFH protection when used with these shock pads.


Fitting is easy. The sub base simply needs to be prepared with a space for the shock pads to be laid, then the grass is fitted over the pads. Quick, simple and safe.

While CFH accreditation is necessary for products used in a commercial environment, there are plenty of worried parents who also choose to fit them in a domestic, back garden project. 


Click HERE to view our guide to selecting the correct shock pad depth for your project.
Or contact us directly for information and advice. 


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