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Best Artificial Grass for Dog Owners

Published: 16 May 2022

Artificial grass is a great way to have that perfectly manicured lawn without the upkeep of traditional turf, something that many of us struggle with in a world that is constantly on the go. In addition, artificial grass requires no watering, pesticides or petrol/electric mowing. Plus, you can use it year round, with not a worry about damaging grass – amongst other concerns. It is not only great to let the children play on, as well as hosting garden parties, but they are also pet friendly too, including your family pet dog.

Pet Friendly Grass

All of our artificial grass products are suitable for your pets, it is easy to clear up any mess and to keep clean. If your dog messes on the lawn then you can pick it up like you would on a normal lawn, and clean anything left behind with a soapy detergent, enzyme cleaner, or just hose it away. The extra bonus is that the lawn won’t be damaged and will still look good as new, no matter how many times it is used, for many, many years to come. However, you should be mindful that dog urine can dry within the grass blades and/or absorb into the backing, depending on the grass selected. 

Choosing Your Grass

When deciding on the type of artificial lawn you would like, it’s a good idea to make sure the lawn you choose is hard wearing, particularly if you have pets and/or children. All of our artificial lawns are tough and resilient, and will be able to withstand the fierce use our darling little ones and animals put it through.

We supply a number of grasses which offer an additional advantage - they have polyurethane (PU) or polypropylene (PP) backing. PU backing is good for dog owners because the material is non-absorbent, unlike latex. So, by using a PU backed grasses such as Blitz and Mulsanne you are reducing the risk of unwanted smells from dog urine. Our PP backed grass, Soul Ecograss, is also great because the polyurethane is in the form of a mesh and allows dog urine to pass straight through to the sub base. We suggest using granite dust for the surface of the sub base and using NO weed membrane on the surface, instead fitting it below the base. These simple steps and decisions will help you to avoid, as far as possible, the problems of a smelly lawn.

Blitz PU Backed Grass Profile

Blitz artificial grass profile

Soul ECO Grass PP Backed Artificial Grass - fully recyclable

Soul PP Backed Grass

Whichever grass you select, it's important to remember that the grass always needs cleaning after the dog has used it as a toilet! So although we have specialist grasses for dog owners they all need cleaning regularly and thoroughly. All of the grasses are suitable.

Also, consider using Envirofill and Wee Free cleaner on your lawn. Take a moment to check these products out.

We have a huge range of artificial grass types for you to choose from, either supply only or supply and fit. Our installation agents make sure it’s fitted perfectly, meaning you and all the family can enjoy it year round.

If you would like more information on how an artificial lawn is pet and child friendly, or you have questions on any of our lawns, then please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable team members who will be more than happy to help.


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