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Soft surfaces for play areas

Synthetic grass number hopscotch in play area
Large artificial grass checker board in play area made from artificial grass
Synthetic numbered hopscotch in child playground area

We are pleased to be UK partner for Signgrass who produce our superb Playtime artificial grass designs for playground projects. We can also produce bespoke designs and logo mats to your specific design. 

Providing artificial grass for your children gives them a safe play area and, as parents, you don’t need to worry about muddy shoes and dirty clothing. Synthetic grass is soft and durable, and to top it all off, it looks fantastic. One of the best things about using Perfectly Green fake turf in a playground is that it hardly needs any maintenance at all. The whole family can enjoy the benefits of artificial grass for many years to come without any effort. In addition to our range of green synthetic turf, we have several wonderful colours to choose from out of our Perfect Funky colour range. We also have a Playtime range featuring fun designs that will appeal to children.

Company reviewArtificial grass can be used to replace your lawn at home. You could also cover slippery or tired decking, or lay it over concrete or paving slabs to easily create a safe play area from a small courtyard or terrace. Plastic grass can be used anywhere, which makes it ideal for small, awkward spaces, as well as on sloping ground. It can make a previously unusable space into a child-friendly play area that can encourage children to spend more time playing outside, keeping them fit and healthy. Artificial turf easily trains and is hard wearing so there is no need to keep moving your children’s play equipment to prevent muddy patches.

Fake grass is also ideal for schools and nurseries. It can be used to transform a tatty patch of grass or cover unsightly concrete. Poorly draining soil, shaded areas and heavy traffic make natural grass areas unsuitable for year round use because you get lots of mud and worn out grass. Installing a synthetic lawn in a school can result in children enjoying outdoor lessons without getting dirty. Plastic grass is suitable for an area of any size. Schools could replace their whole hard tarmac playground with synthetic grass, which would reduce the injuries that children have when they fall over, it looks attractive and is great for sports. You can even choose to have pitch lines stitched in. If you have tall play equipment in your playground we can fit foam shock pads under the grass to increase the critical fall height and reduce injuries. Read more about our safety play pad system here.

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Synthetic grass surfaces ideal for play area

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