Artificial grass is extremely versatile and can be laid on a wide variety of surfaces, from soil to wooden deckings and concrete. So if you’ve been wondering what to put under your artificial grass, below are the most commons bases and application methods.


Is It Suitable to Install on a Sharp Sand Base?

A firm sub base is essential and the most important part of the installation. Perfectly Green would always recommend installing over a substantial sub base consisting of a weed membrane, 2-3 inches of type 1, a binding layer of sharp sand and then a second weed membrane. Following this process will ensure that the grass will last for many many years.

If you lay synthetic turf on top of an unstable surface it can shift over time and the surface can become uneven. The look and stability of your grass over its lifetime is reliant on a suitably prepared sub base. Installing a fake lawn is a large investment so it’s important that it’s done properly.


For soil a suitable, stable sub base is recommended – you should always install your artificial grass on an aggregate and sharp sand base. Make sure you remove 60-80mm of soil before you lay down the sub base and new artificial turf, as this will result in a perfect installation. Another option is to use 30mm to 40mm of Grano Dust requiring less excavation of around 50mm.

Guide to installing artificial grass

Laying the turf

Place the artificial grass on top of the weed membrane, join and trim as per installation guide.



Ensure that the concrete surface is smooth, dry and clean. Check the level of the surface for any unevenness and smooth out any bumps, as these can been seen through the artificial grass. If there is poor drainage, make a few holes in the concrete  and for extra comfort our foam pad can be installed below the grass. 

Safety Play Pad System

Laying the turf

To cushion the concrete base, a layer of Perfectly Green foam pad can be installed under the artificial turf. The foam pad should be part glued to the clean and dry concrete around the perimeter. Then the artificial grass should be glued down to the foam pad all the way around the perimeter. 

Wooden decking


Ensure that the decking is stable, clean, dry and newly treated.

Laying the turf

Fitting a Perfectly Green foam pad is recommended when installation artificial grass on decking. This will prevent the artificial grass from compressing into the gaps between the decking slats. Screw or glue the foam pad to the decking around the perimeter, install the artificial grass as shown in our guide and screw or glue the grass to the decking through the foam pad. Do not screw down too tightly as this will pinch the artificial grass.



Ensure roof is stable, clean and dry. Perfect Base is the perfect solution for roof installations as it provides a solid, light and well-draining surface. The panels have inbuilt voids to facilitate rapid drainage and clip together in quick time. The base panels can be easily modified and cut to size using a hand held disk saw. Perfect Base

Laying the turf

Artificial grass can be quickly and easily fitted to Perfect Base by gluing down onto the modular system around the perimeter.


Does the size and shape of my garden make a difference?

In short, no! Perfectly Green artificial grass comes in rolls that are either 2m or 4m wide, and as long as you need. All that’s required is to measure your garden and calculate the width and length required. The latex backing of the plastic turf means that it’s easy to cut to any size or shape. Your installer will cut around any obstacles such as play equipment, trees, and paths, leaving the turf fitting naturally around just like a real lawn.

With Perfectly Green artificial grass, no garden is too large and no garden is too small. In fact, artificial grass is perfect for injecting some colour into your balcony or terrace. For an extremely small space you may be interested in our artificial grass offcuts. If you have a large garden, it is possible to join multiple rolls together. Perfectly Green have supplied artificial grass in a wide range of locations including football pitches, schools, and play areas, not just private gardens, so you can rest assured that whatever size or shape your garden we can install the grass. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything that we do.


If you’d like more information on DIY artificial grass installation, view our installation guide.

But if you’d like to leave your artificial grass installation to us, see our list of locations.