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Laying Artificial Grass in Cold Weather Conditions

Artificial Grass Garden with snowflakes

Published: 13 December 2022

Do the seasons affect installation of artificial grass? Can it be laid in winter? 

The simple answer to both questions is definitely 'yes'!!! Fitting artificial turf is pretty easy in the spring and the summer as the materials are warm, pliable and easy to handle. However, there are challenges when installing and laying a synthetic lawn in the cold weather and winter months and there are some simple, helpful tips to avoid some 'cold weather issues'.

Artificial grass winter installationImportant note: If you're a trade fitter/landscaper you should always advise your customer that winter and cold weather installations will take longer to 'acclimatise' or 'settle in', and very often it is only the arrival of warmer conditions which will allow the pile to lift and expand fully. Advise your customers of this to help manage their expectations. Bascially it may take time for the newly installed grass to look and feel as good as the sample you may have shown them!

What are the possible problems associated with chilly weather and artificial grass rolls?

  • The latex backing becomes stiff and difficult to work with when cold
  • Minor roll ridges or creases in the latex remain evident, and are stubborn to flatten down, whereas they would disappear in warm conditions 
  • If unattended to, these ridges or creases will appear as 'air bubbles' under foot and they will not disappear without significant remedial work to unfix, flatten and refix the grass
  • The pile and grass blades can be misaligned, compressed and remain very flat, making the fibres difficult to lift. You should keep an artificial grass comb to work on these stubborn areas. 

How to avoid cold weather issues when laying a synthetic lawn:

  • Where possible, keep the rolls in a warm place until just before installation - a warm room inside is ideal or a warm van will be sufficient if at all possible
  • Lay the rolls out for as long as possible to ensure they are flat before cutting/joining/fixing. It will help if the sun is out! 
  • If you have stubborn backing ridges or creases, apply hot water to the roll; this will loosen and flatten the backing. Hot water NOT boiling water!! You may need more than one application of hot water.
  • Do not fix the grass around the perimeter until the rolls have been allowed to flatten completely
  • Check that the glue you are using is ok in cold conditions
  • Use a power brush to lift the pile - you might need to run the brush over the pile a number of times

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