Synthetic grass is widely recognised by the golf industry as a viable alternative to real grass. Many professional golfers have fake grass putting greens in their gardens at home, and many golf courses are choosing to replace their tee lines and greens with synthetic turf to minimise maintenance and allow year round play. Artificial grass provides a consistent, quality surface that resembles the perfectly manicured green of a championship course. It also offers excellent roll and ball speed.

As you would expect with plastic turf, artificial putting greens are very low maintenance. Of course there’s no watering, fertilising or mowing to worry about. Rainwater drains through the turf, which will withstand all that the Great British weather can throw at it, including sunshine if we’re lucky. Artificial grass is UV resistant, so you’ll know your putting green will be green for years to come. Our fake putting turf comes in 4.1m widths but it can be cut to fit your available space.

Artificial putting greens are not restricted to domestic use. Many golf courses are choosing to replace their practice greens with fake turf. The versatility of synthetic putting greens is that they can be installed wherever you want. Why not have a small green in your pro shop for customers to try putters out before they buy? Putting greens can also be installed in hotel grounds, schools or anywhere else you wish.

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