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Artificial grass for Gardens

back garden with patio area and artificial grass installation
Gallardo artificial grass with neatly clipped bushes and trees
Synthetic turf garden with shrubs

You can transform your home and garden with artificial grass. Just imagine, no more mowing or watering. Your garden is there for you to enjoy, not toil in. At the end of a long week or on a summers evening you can simply chill out in your low maintenance garden. Another bonus with a fake lawn is that it can be enjoyed all the year round. The permeable surface allows rain to drain through, allowing the lawn to dry quickly and preventing puddles.

At Perfectly Green, a leading artificial grass supplier, we have a wide selection of artificial grass to suit all budgets and tastes. All of our ranges are of high quality and have a realistic look and colour. Synthetic turf is ideal for any size of back or front garden, however irregular your space.

Do you have large trees that create lots of shade making it difficult for grass to grow? With synthetic grass, this is no longer a problem. Enjoy every part of your garden. If you’re a golf fanatic, you could even choose to install a putting green in your back garden using artificial grass!

It’s also ideal for gardens with steep inclines that are hard to mow. Installing artificial grass in your front garden increases the kerb appeal of your home. Make your neighbours jealous with your perfectly green synthetic lawn every season.

Fake grass is also a great idea for children’s play areas. Fed up of muddy patches under your kids’ swing or around the paddling pool? A synthetic lawn is so child-friendly because children can play outside all year round and it provides a soft play surface.

Parents love it too because there are no more muddy patches, no more grass stains on clothes and no more dirty footprints in the house. Talking about dirty footprints, fake turf is also pet friendly. It’s easy to clean and hard to dig up. Many customers choose plastic grass for their dog runs.

Plastic grass is a brilliant way to spruce up your dull terrace or roof garden with a beautiful lawn that looks freshly cut and naturally green, whatever the season. An artificial lawn allows you to create a lush, urban garden in the most unlikely of places. Fake turf can also be used to transform your old, tired patio or decking by covering it up and giving it a new lease of life.

Important Note

When planning your artificial grass garden always bear in mind that hot sunlight, reflected and amplified by windows, mirrors and other reflective surfaces, may cause artificial grass to melt or be scorched. Avoid installing artificial grass too close to surfaces which may cause damage. 

Artificial Grass For Pool Surroundings

Our quality artificial grass drains water away quickly so there will be no standing water or muddy areas around your pool. Artificial turf is almost maintenance free and requires no mowing or watering. This means you will not need to manoeuvre your mower around the pool and there will be no grass clippings to fish out of the water.

Using synthetic grass around your pool gives a luxury and contemporary look, without the hassle and stress of high maintenance. Our fake grass is soft under feet, meaning no chance of injury from prickles.

The artificial grass is highly durable and will not be damaged by chlorine or furniture. It is also extremely clean, which means grass and soil will not fall in the pool, nor will your feet get dirty when exiting the pool. Another bonus of using artificial grass rather than concrete or paving slabs around the pool is that it is much cooler underfoot in hot weather.

All products in our wide range of Perfect Grass look very realistic and natural. Your outdoor space will look healthy and green all through the year.

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