Hove is the sleepier side to the bohemian city of Brighton and Hove. Situated just to the west of Brighton, Hove is a sedate seaside town that’s popular with people young and old. Hove has lovely beaches and the Lagoon for a wide range of watersports. As recent as the nineteenth century, Hove was just a small village. The main avenues were constructed in the 1870s and 1880s. Many people remark on the width of Hove’s roads, particularly in comparison with Brighton.

Artificial grass is particularly suitable for the elderly or infirm, of whom there are many in Hove, due to the lack of maintenance required. Mowing the grass can become a chore. Synthetic grass looks like real grass but, of course, it can’t grow so there’s no need to mow or water it. You’ll get no weeds poking through your lawn and no moss patches. During the summer, there’s no need to worry about hosepipe bans. You’re fake lawn will look beautifully green all through the year. Plastic turf is not restricted to domestic use, it could be an economical alternative for care homes because there’s no costly maintenance.

Of course, there are also many families living in Hove. Artificial grass is very family friendly. The grass surface provides a safe place for children to play and it’s not as easy for dogs to dig it up either. Fake grass is hardwearing so fantastic for placing under play equipment where you’d previously have muddy patches. The backing allows water to drain through, meaning that the artificial grass dries quickly after inclement weather so the whole family can enjoy the garden for longer.

With two universities in Brighton, student accommodation is numerous. Synthetic grass is ideal for student housing because, as a landlord, you don’t need to worry about your tenants taking care of the garden. Many shared houses have overgrown jungles out the back. This doesn’t have to be the case. Installing an artificial lawn makes the garden a usable space and keeps the neighbours happy.

Artificial grass has many applications. Perfectly Green produce high quality synthetic turf that looks just like the real thing. To see for yourself simply order a free sample pack today.