Caterham is a town in Surrey surrounded by beautiful countryside, located about 15 miles from the capital. Because of its close proximity to Croydon and London, Caterham is very popular with commuters and the many businesses which are based in the area. The town is split into two distinct segments, Caterham on the Hill and Caterham Valley. It is very close to the North Downs, which gives residents access to miles of scenic countryside, in addition the great mix of shopping opportunities on the high streets.

Artificial grass is an increasingly popular choice for householders all over the South of England. Perfectly Green supply high quality synthetic turf throughout the UK, and are happy to help with any project, big or small!

Artificial grass needs very little maintenance, which means that having an amazing garden is easy. Plus, it will look great throughout the year. Just the occasional brush is all it takes to remove any debris, which means that children can play on it whatever the weather, without worrying about tracking mud or grass stains through the house afterwards. The permeable backing allows water to drain through, which helps to prevent puddles and allows the grass to dry quite quickly after rain. Artificial grass feels like real grass, and helps to cushion any falls, which makes it great for play equipment or to cover a hard surface.

Our artificial grass is also a great option for older or disabled people, who want a nice garden but find traditional garden maintenance difficult. Perfectly Green artificial grass looks just like the real thing, and it is only upon close inspection that you can tell that the grass is fake. Synthetic grass can be useful in countless projects, including; playgrounds, sports centres, golf courses and even kennels. Our grass is completely pet-friendly, and synthetic lawn also makes any mess incredibly easy to clean up.

We offer a range of synthetic turf, made using superior methods, for use in a huge variety of projects. To see our artificial grass for yourself, just order one of our free sample packs.