Sunny Eastbourne is situated on the South coast of England in the beautiful county of East Sussex, not too

far from the Perfectly Green offices. We supply and install our high quality artificial grass throughout East Sussex and the South of England. Synthetic grass is UV stable so it remains green for many years. Many people conjure up images of Astroturf when they think of fake grass. Astroturf was designed for sports pitches and is a brand name. We don’t supply Astroturf. Our fake grass is very realistic and designed to replicate the look and feel of natural grass. It is real alternative to a natural lawn but is so versatile that it can be installed anywhere you want it, including where real grass couldn’t possibly grow, for example in a concrete backyard, under big trees, or on a roof terrace or balcony.

Plastic grass requires very little maintenance. The most you need to do is brush it occasionally to remove any leaves or debris. Gone are the days of spending your weekends mowing your lawn, putting down fertiliser and watering the grass. Save time and money. Artificial grass is ideal for the elderly or infirm as it allows you to simply enjoy your garden. It’s also fantastic for busy families and it’s pet-friendly too.

Aside from gardens, artificial grass is a great option for schools and nurseries. You can create a garden from any space, however small. The grass is soft and dries quite quickly after rain because of the permeable backing. Of course, there’ll be no more muddy shoes or grass stains on clothes, and a fake grass play area can be used all year round. We also have a range of synthetic turf that is specifically designed for sports. Choosing an artificial sports pitch reduces the need for maintenance and increases usability. Artificial grass is also suitable for urban landscaping and promotional purposes. It’s a brilliant addition to seasonal shop displays and event stands.

We have a wide range of artificial grass suitable for varied applications. We also offer different colours and pile heights. Why not order our free sample pack today? You can see for yourself how realistic-looking Perfectly Green artificial grass is and imagine how it might look once installed.