Wallington is a town in the London Borough of Sutton. Though it used to be a part of Surrey, it has gradually been caught up in the ever-expanding capital and this has shaped the town. This has left Wallington with an easily noticeable mix of London bustle paired with touches of south England rural countryside. A number of large businesses have moved into the area in the last few decades but this has done little to quash the town’s individualistic charm.


There’s a potent mix of easy access to London’s plentiful shopping, employment and tourism options. This, paired with the town’s many parks and popular schools, means that it is a great destination for homeowners and central London commuters. The downside of this is that modern lifestyles and long commutes to work can mean that when it comes to maintaining a garden, it can fall short of other priorities.


Perfectly Green provide artificial grass that is made with the latest technology and is almost indistinguishable from real grass. This makes it a fantastic option for people in Wallington and other areas around the south of England, who find it difficult to maintain a completely natural garden.


Wallington has a lower average age in comparison to the UK in general. Younger generations can always benefit from new play and sports areas, and this is something that artificial grass is a great choice for. Our artificial grass is incredibly hardy, meaning that it can withstand repeated use where natural grass would be damaged. The permeable backing means that even the wet of the English summer won’t be enough to dampen spirits. Whatever the weather, artificial grass will stay at its best.


Perfectly Green supply artificial grass for a huge range of different purposes, including; nurseries, playgrounds, kennels, golfing grounds and much more. Whatever your project, big or small, we are happy to help. To see our grass for yourself order one of our sample packs today.