Situated at the base of the South Downs on the West Sussex coast, Worthing is a traditional British seaside resort and a lovely place to call home. Worthing boasts one of the sunniest climates in the whole country, which is enjoyed by the more than 100,000 residents. Perfectly Green are based in the neighbouring county, East Sussex, and installs high quality artificial grass all over the South of England. No project is too big or too small.

Synthetic grass is created using the latest techniques and looks very realistic. At first glance you could be fooled into thinking that it is in fact real grass. It’s only with close inspection that you can really tell that the grass in actually fake. There are many benefits to artificial grass. It gives you an even lawn with no moss, no muddy patches and it doesn’t go brown in the summer. Plastic grass, as you can imagine, requires minimal maintenance so that means no more mowing and certainly no watering, which is ideal for when the inevitable hosepipe ban occurs in the summer.

There are many families enjoying life in Worthing. Artificial grass is great for busy families because you can spend your free time enjoying your garden rather than toiling in it. Fake turf stands up to wear and tear and it’s much cleaner than natural grass. No more muddy footprints in the kitchen or grass stains to wash out of clothes. An artificial lawn is also ideal for the elderly or people with disabilities. You can enjoy your beautiful green garden all year round with no maintenance.

Artificial grass is not just for domestic settings. It is so versatile it can be used anywhere you wish including urban landscaping, promotional purposes and for sports. Fake turf is a fantastic choice for schools and nurseries. It can transform bland tarmac or a constantly muddy outdoor space into a vibrant, green garden that can be enjoyed by children all year round. Synthetic lawn drains well so it’s usable shortly after a rain shower and it creates a soft and safe play area. We also offer the exciting option to add different coloured grass and designs from our Playtime range.

At Perfectly Green, we have a wide range of artificial grass to choose from. Your choice will depend on which application the grass will be used for, your requirements and your budget. To check out our range, why not order a free sample pack?